Friday, August 14, 2009

Berlin Cont...

Aug 13th

Today was an interesting day. I apparently was very tired and didn’t wake up until 10am and went to bed at 11pm. I finally got moving at around 11am and went and got lunch at noon. I was planning on doing some touring but we had a USA mandatory meeting at 3pm which I thought

would take maybe an hour but it took 2.5 hours. This ruined all my plans for the day. I was also going to watch a friend compete at 4:30pm but missed that as well. After a lazy day I am getting a good night sleep to have a good day of training tomorrow where I will do hurdles, long jump, and discus.

Aug 12th

Woke up early and got a deep tissue massage which was good for me but definitely not relaxing. She really got all the bad stuff out and moving in my muscles. Because I got the massage I had to change up my training and not do the all out sprints I was planning on. The body is feeling good and I am ready to go. After practice and everything I decided to go over to the Olympic stadium and check it out.

WOW!!! That what I thought when I saw it. I arrived at the warm-up track first and it was all types of sports facilities surrounding it. It was very amazing. After checking out the warm-up track we took the long walk through the tunnel. This tunnel was 400 meters long and took a

while to walk but once you left it you were in this enormous stadium that really makes you lose your breath. Amazing that this stadium was used during the 1936 Olympics and I am going to be competing in less then a week. I walked around the track and then returned to the hotel. I hope to tour around tomorrow because I have the day off of training.

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