Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Aug 11th

The day was very easy I woke up at 9:30 to get breakfast and meet Trey downstairs to get the poles over to the track so we could return the car by noon. Well our poles were fine we just tied them on the car again but the girls with poles put them in the v

an and cracked the windshield. After getting them to the track I did a short shake out. The practice track was awesome and so nice. After some time at the trac

k I returned to the hotel and passed out for 2 hours. Grabbed some dinner and went back to sleep after watching a movie. I am so lucky to be here and I hope that I can show the World how good I can be.

Aug 10th

Trey and I took are time getting going this morning because we couldn’t get the car until noon. Trey and I decided to rent a car to drive to Berlin because with poles and everything we felt it was easier to drive and split the cost. Well after breakfast and packing w

e grabbed a taxi to get the car. We then returned to the hotel and grabbed my brother and our luggage after dropping my brother at the train station we went to go get the poles. Oh it is fun tying two pole bags to the top of a car and getting ready to go as fast as we can on the autobahn.

So the drive to Berlin was a fun and interesting drive. The fun part was pushing a 4cylinder engine to it limits. When on an open autobahn we avg about 170km(104mph) and the max was on a slit downgrade of 197km(110+mph). It would be so cool to get a better car and really see what you can do because we were going 180km and an Audi A4 car went by us like we were standing still. People in Germany know how to drive because if they stay out of the left lane and really keep traffic going.

The interesting part of the drive came when we hit a huge rainstorm about an hour into the drive. The storm had hail and was dumping buckets. The best thing was that we tied the poles through the doors so the weather stripping was pulled back and water started to pour in the car on my right shoulder and Trey left shoulder. We were SOAKED in a car so we pulled under an overpass and waited it out. Other then that the drive was awesome and we arrived at the hotel at 6pm grabbed dinner and headed to bed. My roommate is Nick Symmonds the 800m runner but he won’t get here until the 16th of Aug so I have a room to myself.

Aug 9th

I woke up feeling better then the first day of competition. Competition started at noon and I was doing a quick hurdle warm-up but not running, discus and pole vault. I did 3 x 2 hurdles out of blocks. The hurdle starts felt really good and fast. I then did discus the ring was a little slick and I threw 44.69 (147’) which was ok for me. I then went and did pole vault where I jumped 5.05m (16’ 5 ¾). I was over 5.15m twice but both times caught it coming down on the backside. Overall it was a very productive day and as my legs start to become fresh it will get better.

After competition was a big celebration for all the athletes and workers. We had the party at a local bar that had been so generous all week to give us meals and drinks for free. It was no different for this night all food and drinks were free to everyone there. If you can believe it my little brother showed up just in time for the party. Everyone had a great time and I got to meet so many new people. I went home early because I have to get sleep before we drive to Berlin tomorrow. Berlin the last stop before World’s!!!!

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