Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last before Competition

August 17th (2 days left)

Woke up early to meet Sheldon for practice because we wanted to train at the same time as I would be competing. After doing shot put and block starts I returned to the hotel with Sheldon and we met Jack and Sharon to go to lunch at the ASICS hospitality for lunch. Lunch was so good. All the food was flown in from Italy for the Italy team that was sharing the hotel with ASICS.

I returned to the stadium to watch the Women Vault and my friend Chelsea jump. What a night because Chels got silver after Isinbayeva no heighted in the vault. Amazing awesome cool wow. It was so cool to watch a friend do so well. Night everyone will write when I get done.

August 16th (3 days left)

Today I met with Sheldon at the apartment and got him in and settled before I headed back to the hotel to chill out and then went to the track to watch the men’s 100 meter. I arrived at the track and watched the women’s hep javelin and then the quarters of the 100 meters. After watching many events the main event came up and the electricity in the Stadium was ridiculous before the men’s 100 meter final. As I sat there waiting for it to start the stadium got quiet and then the race started and BOOM it got so loud and crazy as Usain Bolt ran 9.58 a new World Record. If you don’t understand how fast that is it like moving at 30+ mph as a human. What a thing to watch in that stadium. Well off to bed. I start in three days.

August 15th (first day of World Competition)

It nice that competition is starting up because it gives me something to do during the day. I went over this morning and watched the women’s hep hurdles and high jump. I also saw the first round of 100meters for men and other events. After watching I did a workout at the warm up track doing High Jump and Javelin approaches. The workout went very well and I am feeling awesome with the competition coming up.

For dinner I met up with some friends from the states the were in Berlin and we went to central Berlin for some Thai food. This Thai restaurant I learned how to make a flower out of a napkin it was so cool. After having a awesome dinner I return to the hotel to sleep before I had to meet Sheldon in the morning.

August 14th

Pretty simple day but an awesome day at the track. I did the hurdles, Long Jump, and discus today and all of them went really well for me. Tomorrow the meet starts and I will head over there to watch the morning session of the heptathlon.

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