Monday, June 8, 2009


May 31st (Day 2 of Gotzis)


I always like the start of day 2 because I like the events that I get to do. So knowing that I didn’t do as well as I wanted so I knew that I needed to start off well and move up so I could make some money and hopefully pass 8200.  Well it started off ok with a 14.27 sec 110 HH. I nailed the second hurdle and that slowed me from the beginning            but ran a great race after that.  Next was the discus and warm-ups were really good and I was ready to go.  My first throw was 45.76 (150’) which was 30cm from my PR.  It was a big first throw.  I didn’t improve but ended up 4th in the event which was big. Then came the pole vault and if I wanted to get a big score today I would have to jump well. Well the weather didn’t want it to be easy and the winds started to swirl and at one point it began to rain.  I should have jumped better but I jumped 4.90m (16’ ¾) which moved me to 11th and right where I needed to be to move up. 


Well the weather hated us in the first group of the javelin.  It turn to a straight head wind at about 4 meters/hour. One guy even held the javelin straight out in front of him and threw it up and it flew right back to him. Head wind is the worst in Javelin because as the javelin starts to come off the arc the head wind just pushes the tip to the ground.  That exactly what happened and I managed 56.84m which was 690 points.  Not good.  I was back a ways and needed to run a fast 1500meters.  I ran 4:31.13 (.09 of my PR) I made up 100points on the guy who was 8th and 30 on the guy who got 9th.  I missed 8th by 19 points so I tried and only missed it by a little.  Overall it was an amazing experience and I was very happy with what I did but will be back to do better next year.



May 30th (Day 1 of Gotzis)


I woke up excited and ready to go for Day 1 of  the decathlon in Gotzis.  This is considered the place to be if you are a decathlete because this place has had the best scores ever.  The world record was set here and many other big scores. The atmosphere is amazing with so many people surrounding the track with cow bells and clapping a each corner.  Day one started out good I ran 11.06 which is my second best start ever.  Long jump was good at 6.92 (22’ 10 ½”) but way behind the rest of the guys.  Then I had a bogey as they call in golf only throwing 14.20 (47’ ) in the shot put.  I was in 19th place after shot but high jump and 400 meters were left.  High Jump has been very good lately and it was really good I cleared first attempts until 2.00m (6’6 ¾) I made it second attempt by a bunch.  The crowd was really into it now and it got me a little to excited and I ended up not making another bar because I was running to hard.  I felt I was going to PR in the high jump today but was happy.  This moved me to 16th place.  I ran the 400m in 49.17 which moved me closer but I was still in 16th place.  I scored 4039 first day which is average for me but I am in a good spot to move up with a good second day.  This meet is awesome and if you ever get a chance I would come and see this meet.  Wish me luck on day 2.


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