Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Austria Last days

May 28th


Today we left at 11am to Gotzis and arrived around 3pm.  It was a beautiful ride and Tom, Lisa, Josef, and I made it safe and sound. Josef dropped Tom and me off at our Hotel and would meet him at the track at 5pm


May 27th


The rain continued until around 2:30pm when I finally got on the track to do my training.  We returned from training and packed up all are stuff and got everything to leave tomorrow.  It has been 16 days and it went so fast since Italy. I then went to a massage at 5:30pm while my brother and Josef went and got stuff for dinner and placed a bet for Barcelona to win.  It was 5.20 to 1 so Tom put 10 euro and Josef 50 euro.  If Barcelona won Tom got 52 euro and Josef 260 euro.  So we had our team to cheer on tonight.  We ate dinner at Josef where he made pasta with shrimp it was so good.  After dinner we watched the Manchester United and Barcelona game.  It was so much fun and with Barcelona winning 2-0 we were all excited.  Well off to bed because we leave tomorrow.


May 26th


What a crazy day!!! We went to meet a guy to go paragliding at 11am and hen we drove his little car on these back roads to the top of a ski resort.  We parked the car next to the chair lift where you get off.  At this point we got out all the gear and Tom suited up to paraglide first.  We were going for 45mins each.  The guy was real cool and because he knew Josef he gave us the same price as he charges but threw in that he would do tricks with us.  Tom was up for an hour and got up to 3100m which is like 9000+ feet.  He had an awesome time and I got some awesome pics.  Well it was my turn and I got suited up and we were off.  We were flying in the mountains and spiraling up and then back down doing tricks.  Then he said we had to land after only ten minutes I was on the ground because a storm was rolling in fast and we could get caught in the air or on the mountain in his little ass car. 


Paragliding was crazy and cool but nothing compared to how this guy drove.  After landing we packed quick as possible jumped in the car and were flying down these dirt back roads because he was worried it would rain and he couldn’t drive down with out sliding on the road.  Well he was going so fast he kept bottoming out because on dirt roads you have the ruts on the side and big mound in the middle.  Well this guy had trouble and kept bottoming out hard on these rocks and by the end Tom and I felt sick because he was flying down these curvy roads and hitting the brakes it was awful. Well after spinning in the air and the car ride Tom and I felt like shit after but I must admit it was awesome and a crazy day. I would do it again.  After all this it started raining and by night it was pouring with thunder and lightning.  The storm was amazing so Tom and I sat on the balcony and watch the storm over head.  What a day.


May 25th


Not to exciting today I did my training walked around town and mailed some postcards. But tomorrow morning we are going paragliding over the town of Lienz.


May 24th


Today at the track Lisa and Josef had a guy coming out with electric timing to time Lisa so I took part.  Morning was slow because we were out late but I went to the track around 1pm and Tom stayed home because he was tired and sore.  I warmed up making sure my foot was ok to sprint and maybe hurdle.  After warming up I decided to run the hurdles with Lisa.  She ran her 100mH and I did my 110HH off the same start guy.  I ran a 14.40 which in practice with a 1.1 head wind was awesome.  I then ran a 300m in 36.77 and a 200m in 22.58.  I slowed up in the 300m with about 50 to go so not as good as I wanted but 200m was good after all that running.  Foot was a little sore but it was good to be able to get the training in.  Afterward we went to Josef to eat.


I can’t call it dinner because it was 4pm but we had a salmon and rice dinner that was delicious. Josef had it early because he was taking his nephew to hit golf balls at 5pm. Tom and I returned after dinner and I took a nap while Tom watched a movie.  I then watched a movie with him and we made some more food because we were hungry again.


May 23rd


My foot is feeling better so I decided to see how good it felt.  While Tom and Josef went on a 45min run I warmed up and did sprints.  I started off with a build up and then did some hard starts for 30m, 40m, and 60m.  It felt good and instead of pushing it I got ready for long jump.  Josef returned and I asked where Tom was at and he said he lost him 5 mins earlier.  Josef ran just under 10k with Tom and he came in around 45mins and Tom came in 49mins.  He had gotten tired and had to walk but he finished the run under 50mins.  Tom didn’t realize that he was running that far before he left and when he returned he was happy he finished but a little pissed. HAHA After they returned I did long jump and had no pain in the foot so I was happy.  After training Tom and Josef went to golf while I stayed behind.


I did some work on the computer and then watch Kingdom of Heaven.  I returned home thinking Tom was coming back because they called and said they were but an hour went by and no one.  So I called and they were headed back after stopping for dinner and more beers then planned.  I then went out with them to the bars because I hate to just sit around and do nothing especially if I am in another country.  It was fun and I returned home around 1:45am.  Tom stayed out with Josef and they had a good old time.  Well the cool thing that came out of their long dinner was Tom meet a man that does paragliding and said he would take us one day.  We have to see about the weather but we will go soon.

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