Monday, May 25, 2009

Austrian adventures continued...

May 22nd


Tom did not move this morning and when I left at 1:30pm to train he still had not moved.  But I was jealous he got to enjoy the nightlife and see how the people were here.  The truth is I don’t know if I would have ever come to Lienz and experience this if I weren’t training though.  I took today of training again and just did 20 mins on the bike and some weights. Tomorrow I am going to try and sprint and jump to test the foot. After training I returned home to get Tom up and go to Josef for dinner.  Tonight Josef made pasta with meat sauce.  It was really good and I ate until I couldn’t eat anymore. We then returned home and Tom and I went to sleep.


May 21st


Today was a holiday for Austria.  Everyone had it off because everything was closed it was crazy.  We met Josef around 10am and went and got a cappuccino at a café in town.  Josef then took us out for a ride and showed us around town.  We stopped at a small pizza place where we grabbed lunch real quick and then headed home because we were training at 1pm.  Well because of my foot I decided to take a few days off from training.  Tom made up for it though. Tom ran with Josef for 32mins going about 5k almost 6k.  Then when he recovered he ran a 100m and 120m with Lisa as fast as they could.  After Tom was tight but did a good job.  I am sure he will feel it tomorrow.

After training Tom and Josef went out to play golf while I stayed at Josef to use the internet and get caught up on some things.  It is really weird being in another country and training because usually I would be out having all kinds of adventures.  But I have to be smart so that means no extra hikes to make me tired, mo-peds, or golf.  Sucks but I have bigger things to do.  Tom and Josef returned from Golf and we went to the local football (soccer) match at the track I had been training at.

Let me just say that this level of soccer was not very good but they get paid to play.  Everyone here drinks from 16 years old and up.  After the game was over everyone stayed to drink and listen to live music at the field.  Josef friend Hans who we met yesterday at golf was there and this became Tom new drinking friend for the night.  After hanging out at the field we proceeded to downtown to check out the bars.  The first bar we visited was Elsa’s which was the smallest bar you have ever seen which was owned by an older woman named, Elsa.  But this bar was the late night spot for entertainment and late drinks til the sun came up.  It was 11pm and we stayed for a little then headed to a bar called Yellow.  I took off about 12am to go home and sleep and left my brother with Josef and Hans.  My brother strolled in around 5:45am and if you want to know what he did you will have to ask him haha.  Now I know he is going to be sore tomorrow haha.  Lienz is a great small town. 


May 20th


Tom and I have enjoyed our apartment and it has been nice to have a place where we can cook and chill.  Our apartment is stuck in the 70’s though.  With retro carpet and Disney pictures of the 7 dwarfs next to a shirtless woman petting a horse. It works though it is just funny.  I went to the track where I ran with Lisa and Tom again.  Tom is becoming quite the runner he has run 15 plus minutes each day.  If you know Tom he hates running so it cool to see him trying to get into shape.  After the run I tried to see if I could sprint but couldn’t so I changed my workout and did 3x400m at 65secs.  IT was a good workout.

After training we went to the golf course where Tom and Josef played golf and I walked along and watched.  The coolest thing about the Golf Course was that there is a stream running through that is so clear and I pointed out that it looks like you could drink the water.  Well you can Josef showed us a place that the water comes out of the ground and it is the freshest spring water you will ever taste.  It was cold and so good.  After 9 holes Josef drove me to my massage and returned after at 8pm when we grabbed food and Tom and I returned home. At dinner we tried a new beer that called a Rattler by Gosser, it is a 2% alc. but it is beer and lemon mix that is so refreshing and good.  This trip is so cool living in a town and learning a culture I never thought I would know. 


May 19th


I had to be up early this morning to go to the doctor to get chiro work and check my foot.  After work went to Josef to get the laundry we had done yesterday.  I went home and then got ready to try and train.  I went on a run with Lisa and Tom, the foot hurt but if you know me I will push through any pain.  I got through the run but couldn’t do anything else.  The foot is worse then I thought but I will be fine by the end of the week.  After training we went home and Josef got his brother in law MASERATI and came to pick us up. 

Josef took us up to Tristacher See, which is a lake in the mountains, where we got a iced coffee and then we went to the Golf Course.  The Maserati was so sweet.  That thing can handle the curvy roads with ease but also has so much power with 480 HP.  Damn it was so nice and clean inside too.  At the Golf Course we just hit on the driving range. Then Tom, Josef and I returned to Josef for dinner where he made a spicy curry chicken dish with rice.  It was really good but my brother Tom got lit up like a firecracker and was in tears from the spice. As we have been here Josef has been awesome and introduced us to so many good wines and beers as well as food.  It has been a great trip and once my foot good I can get back to training hard.


May 18th


After being in Europe for almost two weeks I needed to do some laundry.  Josef allowed us to do our laundry at his apartment while he went to work.  Tom and I did work on the computer because we had internet and did laundry all morning.  At 1pm we headed to the track to get some real training in.  I was feeling pretty good after only a week after a decathlon.  I had block starts and pole vault for a workout.  They went really well until I had a bad vault and fell off the mat hitting my foot really hard and causing a bone bruise on the ball of my foot right below my right big toe.  I finished my workout with little pain.  By night time my foot was in a lot of pain and had started to swell.  Tom and I decided to go to dinner and found a place called Alder.  Dinner was really good.  We returned home and went to sleep.  Hope my foot ok in the morning.

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