Thursday, May 21, 2009

USA Indoor Combined Events Challenge

March 8th

The second day started at 1pm.  I had tweaked my groin in the High Jump the day before and it was getting tight as I was warming up so I had the trainer wrap up the groin and leg and finished my warm up for hurdles.  It was a good race at 8.15 but I know if my leg wasn’t hurting I would have been better.  Going into the vault I had a good lead and after making 4.95 (16’ 2 3/4) I had a significant lead over second place.  In the 1000 I sat behind the second place guy and with 200meters to go blew past him and ran 2:50.04. Not a great time but what I needed to do to win USA Indoor Combined Championships. I scored 5748 which I felt was not a good meet for me but sometimes it doesn’t matter the score it is how you compete against the rest of the field and today I was on top.

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March 7th

Today is the first day of the USA Combined Events Championships and we started at 1pm.  I was feeling good but a little stiff from all the training but after warm ups I was ready to go. The day didn’t start out well for me or the rest of the competitors because of an extremely fast gun in the first heat, none of the competitors were ready and had slow starts.  I myself was not even set when the gun went off. So ran a 7.20 which was fast compared to the field but not for where I should have run. The long jump was again not up to par with a 6.81.  But brought it all back with a 14.94 (49’ 00 ¼) and moved into 1st.  High Jump began and I was feeling good but was only able to clear 1.97 (6’5 ½) as my best height.  After day 1 I ws in 1st and ready to keep that lead through the second day.

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March 6th

Today was very low key.  We woke up late and by the time we got going it was lunchtime.  We checked out Duke and I went to the track for a shake out.  That night we had dinner with a few of my friends from Carolina and then it was off to bed because tomorrow was day 1.

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March 5th

I flew into North Carolina today for the USA Indoor Combined Championships.  I arrived and rented my first car from Alamo.  It was interesting because I had to leave the poles at the airport go get the car and come back to grab them but everything worked out fine and I got the poles and the car just fine.  I then drove to the hotel about 20 mins down the highway where I changed and headed to the track to do a shake out.  I was feeling good after my workout and ready to go on Saturday.

I returned to the airport and picked up my parents who came in to watch my meet.  I was excited to have them here and cheering me on.

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