Thursday, May 21, 2009

Olympic Trials

June 30th

I woke up feeling tight so I got to the track early to get work done and get loss for the hurdles which I decided was going to be a turning point and I was going to finally get a Personal best. The gun went off and I had a great start and blistered to a 14.12 which was a .08 second personal best and ranked me 4th in that event. Discus was next and I had been throwing well in the past weeks so I was looking for another personal best, 46.02 (151’) and it was a new pb. I had a long break after discus because there was a second flight but I was ready to vault high. I had vault 17 feet plus in many meets this year and was ready to do it again. The winds were not good for vault but that doesn’t matter to me because if I get on my poles I will go 17 feet. I felt good in warm ups and the first few heights and then the hips and hamstrings got tight and instead of relaxing and running better I tried to push harder and my rhythm was off. I vaulted 5.00 (16’4.75”) well below the 5.30 (17’ 4.5) I was hoping for. This point the only way I was making the team was if someone got hurt or didn’t finish ahead of me. I went into Javelin still tight and threw ok but at this time disappointed in myself for my performance. We had a four hour break between Jav and the 1500 meters and I convinced myself that I was going to finish strong and get 4th place no matter what. It was close but I did get 4th by 8 points. I ran 4:31.66 just .5 seconds off my pb. Ashton Eaton from Oregon ran an incredible race and ran 4:20 which almost allowed him to pass me.

The crowd during the 1500 meters was incredible they were yelling the whole race. For a decathlete you don’t hear that during the 1500 meters because many people say we are jogging but I know I am running as hard as I can. I want to see people 195 lbs that have just done 9 events and been at the track 20 hours in the last two days not look tired. No thanks to announcer (((((((( for saying here comes the jog. You just did the High Jump and I know if you had to jump two days in a row that you would say you were tired.

Well thank you to all my fans that were at the trials and keeping up with me on the computer. Thanks for all the support and love it means so much.

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June 29th

I had trouble getting to sleep but slept well. My dad met me for breakfast bright and early and then took me over to the track to get warmed up for day one. Warm-ups went well and I felt good but really nervous and worked up for me. But once the gun went off in the 100 meters I was good. Besides a head wind in the 100 meters I ran really well clocking 11.11 my second best ever. Out of the field I was the closest to my personal best .03 off. Long Jump was next and this was the swing event for me and it was average. Only 6.91 (22’9) and when you hope for 7.20 that not good. What was worse is the guys I needed to beat started strong and LJ they blew me away.

Shot was next and again an average mark 14.54 meters. High Jump was next and at this point the guys I needed to beat were rolling and High Jump was the event I needed to be amazing in and instead I went 1.96. My hips were tightening up on me. High felt good but I needed at least three for bars. We had a long break between high jump and the 400 meters but it allowed me to get stretched and worked on so I wasn’t so tight. I was pumped to run this 400 because the stadium was packed and roaring. I stepped into the blocks in lane 2 which is a tough lane to be in but allowed me to see everyone. By 250 I was running well and as I came off the turn feeling good but my hamstring tightened with 70 to go and I ran 48.66 my second best ever, I was very happy with the time. Finished day one 4033 well below the 4200 I was hoping because I had been average and really didn’t do what I needed to. But day two is my day and as I know anything can happen.

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June 28th

Family and Friends came in today and it was good to see them. I must admit I am nervous and excited to be here. Lets hope I can sleep tonight.

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June 27th

I went to the track and I did a shake out and saw the chiros and massage therapist. I then watched the women’s heptathlon to cheer on some friends. I watched for an hour or two and then left. I can already see the hype of the Oregon crowd and how enthusiastic they are to watch these amazing trials.

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June 26th

It was nice staying at the Hilton because it was where the Hospitality room was for athletes. They had everything we needed. Got breakfast and then meet up with Sheldon at Hayward field to do a workout. WOW! What a site Hayward Field is with all the stands and stuff going on around it. I did discus, long jump approaches, and block starts. After that I headed to the chiros and massage therapist they had provided for the athletes. I returned and got lunch and later went to dinner with Joe Detmer, Raven Cepeda, and a few UNI guys. I returned home and went to bed after that. Hayward was a site to see and tomorrow events start so should be interesting to see the amount of people.

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June 25th (travel to Trials)

Today I traveled to Eugene Oregon for the Olympic Trials. I was up early and flew from Tucson into Portland because to get poles to Eugene it was easier to take Southwest airlines to Portland and then take the free Athlete shuttle down. The trip went easy but the butterflies of the Trials began to stir. I arrived late afternoon and checked into the Hilton where I was staying. Then I relaxed got dinner and groceries with Sheldon and Shevell. Then went to bed. I was finally here after a year of training. Feeling good and ready to go. I feel fast and strong just hope the body agrees when the day comes.

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