Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fall Training 2007-2008

February 2008

I apologize again for no updates until now. I will be posting a lot more frequently now that I will be getting into season. This month has been very good for training and meets. I began the month at Nebraska where I competed in a Heptathlon, which is 7 events instead of 10. I did it to see how I would do in a multi at this point in time. I didn’t expect too much but expected to finish strong. I scored 5659 and had some very solid marks. I then competed again in Flagstaff where I did the 60m, pole vault and long jump. Next meet with be USA Multi Indoor Nationals in Chappel Hill, North Carolina on March 8-9.

I recently went home on Feb 21-24 and had the pleasure of having lunch with some local business men of Santa Rosa that were interested with helping me with my Track endeavors. Special thanks goes to Michael Carney and Doug Bosco for setting up the lunch and helping me out with my track endeavors.

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January 2008

Training has continued to be really good and feeling good about everything that Sheldon and I have been working on. After discuss things with Sheldon we have decide to take part in Indoor track. We feel that the training is going better then expect after taking off time for the abdomen. I will open up at Flagstaff, AZ on January 19th.

The Flagstaff meet went well I competed in the 60 meter hurdles, pole vault, and shot put. I ran in the prelims and Finals of the hurdles and ran a 8.19, vaulted 16’7, and threw the shot 47’. It was a good opener and I am excited to see that my training is going well.

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November and December 2007

I apologize that I have not kept you up to date since Japan.

After Japan I returned to Tucson, Arizona where I have chosen to train for the upcoming Olympic Trials in June and ultimately the Olympics in Beijing, China in August of 2008. After returning to Tucson I was accepted into the Home Depot Olympic Program. The Home Depot Olympic Program is a program for training athletes that are hopefuls for the Olympics. The program has 219 athletes that work as Home Depot employees and it allows you to work part time and get paid full time as well as have your medical covered. I also traveled to Cancun, Mexico for a USATF Rookie Camp that brought in the Rookies as well as the two best athletes from each event in the USA. It was a very fun and educational weekend that has allowed me to be more prepared for my professional career.

After Japan I had to take two months off to heal my body from the abdomen strains that I had gotten over the summer. I began full training at the beginning of November and since it has been going really well. I have been working at Home Depot 20 hours a week and training 25-30 hours a week. It has been hard doing work and training but the great part about the Home Depot program is I can request any time I need off.

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