Saturday, May 23, 2009

Trip to Austria from Italy

May 13th   (Brother Tom Birthday)

After sleeping in we hung around the apartment and then headed to the track where I ran and stretch out.  After only a few days after a decathlon I was feeling good but still a little sore. Tom found a new thing to do and that was to climb the rope at the track. Tom thought he was coming to Europe to hang out but really he is getting in shape haha. I also saw Lisa who I will be training with while here.  Lisa is coming to U of A next year as a heptathlete. By this time it was around 3pm so we headed back to the apartment and I got a massage.

At 6pm Josef took us to a really good place for Tom Birthday. Before we walked to dinner though Tom and I decided to book a trip to London for the weekend.  At dinner we had a three course meal with wine and beer.  It was amazing I had asparagus soup, tortellini, and this fried chicken.  Around the end of dinner Lisa showed up because she was going out in Lienz for the night because all the kids had finished finals.  So after dinner we all went out with Lisa to a bar.  I learned a new pool game (????) which was so funny because I was playing with a bunch of younger Austrian guys. After the bar we went to a club and Tom and I danced with Lisa and her friends.  After a long night I pretty much carried my brother home but Tom had a great time on his birthday and I was glad to be there.

May 12th


Woke up early today to try and find a car to rent that we could take my poles to Austria.  Well, because we were in a small town that only had a few car rental places it was very hard to find a rental place to rent a car. Especially one we could leave in Austria instead of bring it back to Italy.  Finally Matt said that he would go with us and drive the car back to Desenzano.  So the challenge now was finding a car that could hold four people and all the luggage of three people including poles and a massage table.   We found a car and around 1230pm we were on the road to Lienz. 

Well I would like to say that it was an easy trip and we had no problems but sure we got pulled over when trying to find our way through a little town.  Lucky us Joel, the massage theropist, spoke German and talked to the Police about why we had the poles tied to the top of a car that had no rack and with some luck and little lies about me being an Olympian we were let go with no ticket or fine.  Dang that was close.  After that we got to Lienz as fast as possible and once there got hold of Josef, who is a coach there that I know and will be training with for a few weeks til Gotzis.  Tom and I got our apartment for the next 16 days and then we went to the track for a beer.  HAHA there is a bar at the track where I will be training because they have football (soccer) matches and everyone loves their beer here. We then went to another place for food and beer and then walked home. I must say that their beer is very good. 

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