Saturday, May 23, 2009

London Weekend Crazy fast

May 17th


Tom and I woke up at 5:45am showered and packed our little bags and headed out.  We got a taxi to the train station and then grab a train to Gatwick where we caught our flight on to Salzburg, Austria.  We arrive around 11 and had an hour and a half to catch a train to Kufstein to meet with Josef who was in Innsbruck for a meet with Lisa.  We meet with Josef and Tom and I jumped in the car back to Lienz.  When Tom and I got home we were so tired we just watched movies and sat on the couch. We talked about our quick but really cool trip to London and then we went to bed. Wwwwhhhhhhh breath


May 16th


After seeing all of London in one day yesterday we had to go see the culture. After we woke up and we ate some food we headed out to find Tom old managers new Pub.  We found the Pub but it didn’t open until later so we went to a café and grab another breakfast because I was hungry again (shocking).  After we enjoyed our food we returned to the Pub and found John.  It was now 12pm and Danielle, John, Tom, and I had a beer while we chatted with John.  John was an awesome guy that had so much energy and I can see why Tom went so far to see him. After our visit with John we went to meet up with his son Steven and another Pub.  Steven was Tom biggest drinking buddy when he lived in London and that just says what happened next.  We sat at the Pub for the next few hours drinking with Steven and his friends.  It was such a fun time I didn’t want to leave but we had made plans to catch STOMP at 8pm. 

We went to Lester Square where all the plays and performances happen in London.  We got our tickets and went to STOMP. It was a really cool show with amazing music, funny gestures, and cool dancing.  After a long day we had to return home because Tom and I had an 8:30 am flight to catch out of Gatwick.


May 15th


Danielle is in London because she works for Apple and will be there for 3 months.  So she had to get up early and go to work so Tom was going to show me the city of London.  We decided to do the Big Bus Tour that takes you around the whole city of London and see all the sites.  It was a beautiful day in London if you can believe it. The bus tour has two different lines you can ride, we chose to take the Red Line that has a person as your tour guide.  We went by the Buckingham Palace, the major parks, Big Ben, over the London Bridge, to the London Tower, the London Eye, and so much more.  With all these places Tom and I decided to get off at the London Eye and ride it so we could see the city.  We were lucky to watching the changing of the Guard from the eye and because of the nice day you could see everything.  After the London Eye we returned to the bus and rode it to the London Tower.

At the London tower they had a demonstration of different medieval weapons for all to see.  We then went in and caught the tour and followed it around the whole compound until it ended then we proceeded to see the Crown Jewels.  I can’t even tell you how amazing the Crown Jewels are.  There were diamonds as big as my fist and jewels you didn’t think could be real.  It was so cool.  After seeing the London Tower we returned to the bus and rode it back to the beginning where we caught the blue line which was the audio tour of London.  We took it to Harrod’s which my brother was very excited to see and was walking distance to the Pub he used to work at when he lived in London.

It was about 4pm now and we had started at 8am from Danielle’s and were suppose to meet her at 6pm.  Tom and I went to the Duke of Wellington Pub to see if Tom could catch some of the regulars he used to see 4 years ago.  We found a few and got stories on the rest.  John the manager when Tom worked there had moved to a new Pub and we got direction to try and catch him tomorrow.  After a beer we returned to get Danielle and return to the Duke for dinner.  We grab Danielle and as we were leaving Zach, Danielle co-worker, was headed out with his mom and they joined us at the Duke for beers.  The Pub food was really good and the beer was amazing too. The beer has the same alcohol content as US beer but tastes so much better.  At 11pm the Pub closed and we returned to Danielle’s and went to sleep.


May 14th

After a long night we were a little slow in the morning but we got everything together which was a small backpack full. We then headed out on the train at 1130am to Klagenfurt where we were flying out on Ryan air to London Stansted.  We arrived around 5pm and then grab the train into Downtown London. It was getting late and we still hadn’t gotten hold of our friend Danielle so we checked into a hostel and got onto the internet to see if we could get hold of her.  We did get hold of her and found out where she lived and went to visit her.  Well she invited us to stay at her place, by that time were so tired that we passed out on Danielle couch bed and stayed there for the night.

Little side note about why we are in London.  Danielle birthday was today and Tom and Danielle have celebrated there birthdays together for the last four years and they made sure not to miss this one.  

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