Saturday, May 23, 2009


May 11th

Today Matt, my brother and I went to Venice to explore to city where roads are made of water.  We were suppose to head to Austria today but because of communication problems to do with the poles my poles were now getting left in Italy and had no way to get to Austria for my meet so I decide to rent a car and drive to where I needed to go. 

Back to our trip to Venice, after a night of fun craziness with all the athletes at the after meet dinner my two fellow companions were moving a little slow.  Most days you would want to stay in bed after a night like that but when can you say that you are going Venice for the day.  So I got them out and ready and we went to catch the 12:31pm train from Desenzano del Garda to Venice.  After a two and a half hour train ride we were in Venice and ready to go explore the city.  After getting off the train we jumped on the water taxi and rode it down to St. Marks Square where we looked around the square and went to the top of the bell tower to see all of Venice. 

The view from the top of the bell tower was amazing because you really could see, all of this amazing city on water.  After see the tourist attraction of St Marks square we went and got lost in the allies and streets of Venice.  After walking for a long time we sat at a café on the water and enjoyed a cappuccino before jumping on a water taxi back to the train station.   What a day in Venice with Matt and my brother. We all slept the entire way back on the train to Desenzano.  We returned around 9pm and then walked 20 mins to the hotel where we all jumped in bed and went to sleep.

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