Thursday, May 21, 2009

Outdoor 2008 Training and Meets

April Outdoor meets

April was a good month at the end but started very slow. I competed in a meet at Tucson, Phoenix, and San Diego. The first meet was a decathlon at U of A on the 3rd and 4th where I did everything but the 100m on the first day and was suppose to do the first three events of the second day but was having some hip and groin issues. I had a very solid first day with a long jump of 6.93 (22’10), shot put of 14.6 ( 48’), High Jump of 2.00 (‘6 ¾), and ran a 48.66 in the 400m. I was very happy with the marks but was not happy being hurt. The next week I went to Phoenix and threw the discus and did the Pole Vault. I was still having groin issues but threw the discus about 147’ and pole vaulted 5.05 (16’7). The last few vaults I began to feel the best I had since NCAA last year, so that was very encouraging. Things were coming around and I was excited to see how I would do in San Diego. I took the weekend off after Phoenix and returned home.

I returned home to go to a function that Scott Wilmore and the Culinary Kings had set-up for me to receive money from families for my track endeavors. The function was more amazing then anything that I could have imagined and I was able to raise plenty of money to take my coach to Beijing, cover my travel expenses to meets, and buy the track gear that I need. I thank everyone that was part of the function and can not tell you how much I appreciate all of your donations.

The last meet of April was in San Diego and I was very excited to compete because my hip and groin were feeling better and training was going very very well. I participated in the long jump, pole vault, high jump, discus, and the 110 hurdles. I was very pleased with everything except long jump. I pole vaulted 5.21 (17’1), threw the discus 44.76 (148’), high jumped 1.95 (6’5 ½) but had great attempts at 2.05(6’ 8 ¾) and ran 14.34 in the hurdles and got hit at the 4th hurdle. I was pleased to know that things were coming together for my big meet in Italy where I am doing a full decathlon.

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March Outdoor meets

Well outdoor has been going really good so far considering that we have been training so hard through all of the meets. I competed in the one Tucson meet and an El Paso meet to start off my season in March.. The first meet was the Willie Williams Meet and I competed in Pole Vault, Discus, long jump and 110 hurdles. I was very pleased with my hurdles (14.4) but everything else was a little off but still had good marks so that was exciting. Discus 143’, Pole Vault 5.05 (16’7), and long jump. I was suppose to compete in Tucson again but it was cancelled and I made the trip to UTEP for a meet where I did the long jump, javelin, and high jump. This was my bad meet for the year and that all I have to say. Training caught up to me and the legs did not want to go. Training has been going really well though and things like this are expected.

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What I have Left for Outdoor

The season has gone quickly and I only have two more meets before my first decathlon in Italy. I have Sun Angel on April 12th and the Triton meet on April 26th. Then I head to Italy for a decathlon on May 10th and 11th. I have a prep meet in June and then the Trials on the 29th and 30th of June. Hopefully, Beijing, China in August. So that my schedule and what I have been up too. I will put up updates as meets finish so keep an eye out for me.

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March Outdoor Meets

Training has been really hard and intense since indoor ended. I have been training very hard because this is the time of the year before the big meets that I have to train hard and not worry about having good mark in meets. Training has been very good and my marks have been really good at meets considering the fatigued legs.

Outdoor started March 21-22 at the Willie Williams Classic at the U of A where I participated in the 110 hurdles, Pole Vault, and Discus. I vaulted 5.05 (16’ 6.75”), threw the discus 43.40, and ran 14.40 in the hurdles. The following weekend I participated in the UTEP Springtime Invitational where I competed in the High Jump, Long Jump, and Javelin. Which training caught up with me and I had a bad weekend of competing in UTEP. The following weekend, April 3-4, I participated in part of a decathlon here in Tucson at the Jim Click Multis. I participated in all events on the first day except the 100 meters which I just did a block start and jogged out of it. I had 4 solid marks after not running the 100 meters. I long jumped 6.93 (22’ 9”), then shot put was 14.65 (48’ 0.5”), high jump was 2.00 (6’ 6.75”) and last the 400 meters which I ran 48.66 my second best time ever. Overall it was a great first day. I was suppose to participate the second day in the hurdles, discus and pole vault but had some groin issues that kept me from starting.

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