Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fall Training 2009 and Indoor Season

Month of February

I did do any meets for the month of February instead I took the weekends to install my kitchen and work on my house.  The last weekend of February I headed to Seattle with the U of A team to coach at the Mt Pac championships. Training has been very good and I look forward to Indoor nationals the first week of March. I feel strong and fast but very tired from all the intense training. 

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Jan 31st

The second day started at 11am which I fell is a great time to start. The day started with the 60m hurdles and warm ups went great but only ran an 8.25 because I hit the first hurdle. The next event was the pole vault which has been interesting this year because I have changed a lot of things. I only went 4.95 (16’ 2 ¾) but was happy because the things I changed started to feel comfortable and pay off. The last event was the 1000m and I was hoping to run 2:45 but being rusty my pacing is off and I ran a 2:52.4. I was able to win every event of the Hep and scored 5649 which for only my second meet was a good start.

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Jan 30th

We had a 2pm start today which is totally different usually it is 9am and really early. I am so used to an earlier start that I found myself trying to find stuff to do for a few hours before I started. The first day was a good opener for getting the rust off. There was a very quick gun at the start of the 60m and I was not totally set and ran a 7.16 which second fastest time in a hep. I just wish I had a better start.   Long jump warm ups felt great but the second I had to jump I was so worried about the board and not fouling that I had three bad jumps but still jumped 6.74 (22’ 1 ¾). The shot was really bad this meet but high jump went really well and I jumped 2.01 (6’ 7). It was a good first day and I was able to win every event of the first day.

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Jan 29

Traveling to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a heptathlon. I have done one indoor meet this year at Flagstaff two weeks ago. I did the hurdles and the Pole Vault. Hurdles went really well but vault was a little off. I am looking forward to competing again in a multi event. I feel really good and want to see how things are by doing this heptathlon.

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Home Depot is dropping their Olympic Program which will end March 2nd. This will interesting for many athletes and I hope they bring it back when the economy turns around. The good news is I am in negotiations with Asics to sign a contract to run for them. So look for their shoes and apparel.

On a different note I have decided to stay in Tucson until 2012 for the London Olympics and train with Sheldon Blockburger so I bought a house right before Thanksgiving and have remodeled it with a new kitchen, floors, paint, and much more. What an experience it has been being a Homeowner.

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Sept – Dec

Fall training was really good this year. I am going into the indoor season feeling good and healthy. All of September and October all I did was lift and polymerics. I came out stronger and more dynamic then I have ever been. I then began technical work in November and because of how good of shape I am in the events were very easy to pick back up. I am really excited for this season. All I have to do is stay healthy and big things will happen.

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