Thursday, May 21, 2009

Italy Decathlon Day 1 and 2

May 10th (Second Day)


Starting out in third I was feeling good and ready to run fast in the hurdles and jump high in the vault.  I slept well last night because I was so tired from waking up the first day at 4am.  I can still feel the weird affects of Jet lag but it should be no problem and I am ready to compete.  Hurdles went well and I ran 14.28 and got third overall.  Next came the discus and I have been throwing really well but this ring was so slick that it made it tough to throw.  I almost fell twice both times at the beginning of my throw.  I was able to figure it out and threw 44.16m.  This put me into first place going into pole vault. During warm ups the conditions were amazing with a slight tail wind and I was vaulting awesome.  Well by the time I was vaulting the wind had done a total 180 degrees and was a strong head wind.  I managed to make 5.05m and tie for the best vault.  For the conditions I was very happy.  Javelin was a disaster and I only threw 55.48m.  Just enough to keep me in first by, 60 points.  I then went on to run 4:38.71 which was about a second slower then I needed to run to score 8000 points. I scored 7994 but won the meet in Italy.  I was happy with my performance for it being my first decathlon of the year but there is a lot that I could have done better and will in Gotzis in 3 weeks. Well it is off to Austria on Tuesday to stay in Lienz until Gotzis.


May 9th (First Day)


Today I woke up at 4am wide awake and really never fell back asleep. This was tough because I hadn’t slept well since I got here and it was definitely starting to catch up.  I was feeling kind of sluggish going into the meet.  Warm ups went well and I felt ready for the 100m.  I was in the third heat and ran 11.17 but what got me was I was pretty much even with the guys who won and they ran 10.95 so I wasn’t sure if this was right but I went to Long Jump ready to improve. Well I didn’t I jumped 6.83m which was below average.  I felt great on the runway but things were just not firing.  At this point my left leg was very tight and causing my knee to hurt.  I threw shot 14.31m and again below average.  To this point though I was even with my marks for my PR decathlon 8215.  I went into High Jump and jumped 2.04m which was my best since Osaka in 2007.  I felt ok going into the 400m but my body was very tired from the lack of sleep.  I ran 49.53 because I tightened up the last 100m.  Overall 4020 was my first day score  which puts me in 3rd only 13 pints behind the leader.  For being Jet Lagged and starting the season here I was very happy with the marks but this will not fly in Gotzis so I have some work to do.  Sorry they are not in feet but over here they do not convert and I have forgotten my book. 

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